I've loved cameras and photography for a long time, and for years I'd often dreamed of making a living in a field related to this passion of mine. Unfortunately, I lacked the confidence to shoot weddings, and the doors of photo-journalism seemed tightly shut. Whether or not I could have succeeded in these realms is another story, but for whatever reason I never pursued them too actively. 

I eventually founded a photography website specializing in vintage cameras called Casual Photophile. Through this site I've been able to experience an amazing number of excellent cameras, connect with thousands of fellow photo geeks, and simply enjoy this hobby of ours. But I needed to own a lot of cameras if I was going to write about them, so I began buying cameras nearly every single day. While this was a blast, it eventually became expensive, and I was running out of room in my home office. 

To sell off the surplus cameras I opened an Etsy shop called FSTOPCAMERASHOP. This allowed me to keep writing about cameras and connecting with fans of the site. After some time it became pretty clear that I had found something I was good at. In the first year I exceeded all of my expectations in nearly every metric, and this wild ride of photographic fun kept gaining fans, followers, and satisfied customers. Business was good. 

Etsy has been a wonderful platform and has enabled me to do something amazing; with nothing more than a great idea and hard work, I've been able to build a successful business out of my passion. I'll always value Etsy, but it's time for FSTOPCAMERASHOP to grow. With this in mind, we're now launching a dedicated camera shop; F STOP CAMERAS.

If you've shopped with us on Etsy, you'll know what we stand for. At F STOP CAMERAS, we only sell fully functional cameras that are guaranteed to work perfectly. There's no risk in buying a camera from us, like there may be on other online shops and auction houses. When you shop here, you get a machine that's ready to provide another lifetime of adventures and memories, with no hassles. Our customers appreciate our impeccable honesty, our attention to detail, and our fair pricing; all things that can be difficult to find elsewhere. 

In the coming weeks we'll continue to add new inventory and link up with our social platforms and sister-site, Casual Photophile

I hope you'll stick around and enjoy the great things that are to come. 

Thanks, my friends.