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Why Everyone Should Shoot Manual... Sometimes

Much has been written about the technical benefits of shooting in Manual mode, and while these articles do well to explain why shooting this way can improve the quality of your photographs they don’t always address an additional benefit, and one which may be far more impactful than just making prettier pictures. I’m talking about the ways shooting manually can improve your quality of life.

Turning dials and rotating rings means more than just capturing the right amount of light or creating brilliant bokeh. The benefit of shooting manual cameras reaches to a far deeper level. The more primitive your camera, the better your fundamental experience with photography will be. Occasionally ditching digital in favor of a sixty-year-old camera will not only improve your photography, but it’ll also amplify your happiness, enhance the way you experience life, and help you understand more of the world around you.

The snarkiest among us may scoff derisively, regarding these sentiments as hyperbolic and pretentious, but read on before passing judgement. From the newest, casual shooter to the weathered old photographer, the decision to occasionally shoot like it’s 1959 could be one of the best decisions a photo-geek ever makes.