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Nikon F5 Professional 35mm Film SLR Camera with Body Cap


Here we have another legendary professional-grade camera from Nikon- the Nikon F5. This camera is fully functional, in excellent condition, and comes with a body cap.

The camera is in exceptional cosmetic condition with virtually no wear or usage marks. It is mechanically excellent. Everything functions as it should. The film compartment, pressure plate, mirror box, battery compartment, focusing screen, pentaprism, and viewfinder are all clean. The dials, knobs, and levers all actuate exactly as they should. The light meter is fully functional, and all shutter speeds are accurate. The battery holder shows a very small amount of wear from prior corrosion, but this has been thoroughly cleaned and it does not impact operation in any way..

The Nikon F5 was the follow-up to the highly successful F4, and advanced the professional SLR market by quite a leap. It offers an incredible shutter capable of a maximum speed of 1/8000th of a second, plus it offers matrix-metering and a blisteringly quick burst mode capable of shooting 8 frames per second!

The attached battery grip also offers an additional vertical shutter release button and grip for using the camera in portrait orientation.

Like previous F-series cameras, the F5 features a high degree of customization to specific tasks, with various remote controls, film backs, and viewfinders available. While it is a complex camera with over 1700 parts, the F5's high-quality mechanical and electronic components, as well as weather sealing and tough construction, make it one of the most reliable and long-lived professional SLRs.

It is one of the most full-featured 35mm film SLRs ever made, and will allow any photographer to take any kind of image imaginable. This truly is an exceptional machine, the likes of which are extremely rare today.

It will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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