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Nikon F100 35mm Film SLR Camera with Nikon Nikkor Ai 50mm F/1.8 Manual Focus Fast Prime Lens - Pristine


Here we have a beautiful 35mm film camera from Nikon, the F100. This camera comes with a Nikon Nikkor 50mm F/1.8 manual focus fast prime lens and Heliopan UV filter. It works perfectly and is ready to produce a lifetime of excellent photos.

The camera is in near perfect condition. Clean and undamaged and unmarred, all components work exactly as they should. The film compartment, battery compartment, mirror box, mirror, pentaprism, and viewfinder are all clean and free of dust and debris. All switches, dials, knobs, and buttons actuate exactly as they should with mechanical precision. The shutter works perfectly, as does the metering system and all exposure modes.

The Nikon Ai lens is a manual focus fast prime 50mm lens with a maximum aperture of F/1.8. It is in excellent condition and works perfectly. The glass elements are clean and free of scratches, dust, fungus, and haze. The aperture blades are snappy and free of oil and wear marks. The aperture ring clicks into its detents with precision, and the focus ring spins freely. The filter threads and mount are unmarred.

The F100 is one of the most advanced Nikon film cameras ever made. It is an enthusiast camera made to fit under the professional Nikon F5, and it was the precursor to the Nikon F6. It is a near-professional SLR that will do anything any photographer could ever ask of it.

The camera has one of the best autofocus systems found in a Nikon camera, and one of the most advanced metering systems as well. The F100's metering system is a development of Nikon's matrix metering technology. The meter uses a 10 segment light sensor and uses distance information from Nikon D-type and G-type lenses for more accurate exposure calculations when using direct flash. In addition to matrix metering, the F100 also offers standard center-weighted and spot metering modes.

Also incorporated into the camera is Nikon's Dynamic Autofocus system and a 4.5 frame per second motor drive with automatic rewind. The top motor drive speed can be boosted to 5 frames per second with the addition of the Nikon MB-15 battery pack.

The F100 also provides many features which are common among high-end 35mm SLR cameras, such as automatic bracketing modes, DX film speed sensing, and custom functions which allow the photographer to tailor certain aspects of the camera's operation to the way he or she works.

The camera will be packaged and shipped immediately.

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