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35mm SLR
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Minolta XD11 35mm Film SLR Camera with Minolta MD 50mm F/2, Lens Cap, Strap, Batteries


Here we have a wonderful Minolta XD-11 35mm film SLR with Minolta MD 50mm F/2 lens, lens cap, and new batteries installed.

This camera is fully functional and ready to produce another lifetime of fantastic photos.

The viewfinder, mirrorbox, shutter curtains, pentaprism, film compartment and battery compartment are all clean and in great shape. The top and bottom plate are free of damage. All levers, dials, and knobs actuate as they should. The light meter works perfectly, and the shutter speeds are completely accurate.

The included lens is one of the nicest fast prime lenses in the standard focal length. With a versatile focal length of 50mm, this lens can do everything from snapshots to portraits, landscapes to street photography. It's truly a do-it-all lens with excellent performance, and is able to create both extremely sharp images as well as gorgeous bokeh. Subject isolation in portraits is just fantastic, with background blending in creamy swathes of color and light. Stopped down the lens becomes exceptionally crisp.

The glass elements are clean and free of scratches, fungus, balsam separation, and any other problems. The aperture blades are snappy and free of oil. The mount is pristine. Aperture and focus rings spin smoothly with perfect weight.

This lens can also be used on digital cameras and today's mirror-less machines through the use of suitable and affordable adapters. Additionally, the camera will accept any Minolta MC/MD lens, allowing the shooter a massive selection of truly world-class optics.

The XD-11 was the world's first camera to offer aperture priority and shutter priority shooting modes. It also offered photographers a fully-metered manual mode. This full suite of modes was unprecedented at the time of the camera's release. Then, and today, it gives shooters incredible creative control and allows us to shoot all kinds of photographs with ease.

Developed in conjunction with Leica, the Minolta XD11 is regarded as being one of the absolute best Minolta film cameras ever made. It is an extremely capable, well-built, and beautiful camera. It is used as the basis for many of Leica's SLR cameras, including the Leica R4, R5, R6, and R7.

Specifications :

  • Exposure range of EV 1 to EV 18 (ISO 100 and f1.4)

  • Exposure correction from -2 to +2 EV

  • Minolta SR lens mount

  • Flash sync at hot shoe or terminal at 1/100s

  • Electronic vertical-travel metal shutter with electromagnetic release

  • Mechanical shutter mode available at 1/100s

  • Shutter speeds of 1s to 1/1000s plus bulb setting

  • Stepless control of shutter speeds in aperture-priority auto-exposure mode

  • TTL center-weighted metering (silicon diode)

  • 94% viewfinder coverage

  • Acute Matte focusing screen with split-image bi-prism surrounded by microprisms

  • 0.87x viewfinder magnification

  • Battery: 2x LR44; 2x SR44 or equivalents; or one CR1/3N

  • Mechanical self-timer

  • Depth of field preview

  • Film memo holder

  • Safe-load signal indicating film present and correctly spooled

  • Film advance release allowing multiple exposures

  • Motorized film advance possible with Minolta Auto Winder D

This camera will be packaged securely to ensure safe delivery and shipped immediately.

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