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35mm SLR

Minolta SR-7 35mm Film Camera with Minolta Auto Rokkor-PF 55mm F/1.8 Fast Prime Lens - Multiple Accessories - Fully Operational


Here we have a fantastic SLR camera from Minolta, the SR-7 with a very nice lens, the Rokkor-PF 55mm F/1.8. Also included is the D57KC lens hood, small magnifying viewfinder attachment and angled magnifying viewfinder attachment. Each component comes with its original protective case and is in great condition. The camera is fully functional, comes with a new battery, and is ready to produce another lifetime of fantastic photos.

It features all the wonderful assets of the SRT line, as well as a number of important features such as a full information viewfinder (showing light meter reading, shutter speed, and aperture), stop down lever for DOF preview, and extremely reliable build quality.

This camera has been thoroughly tested, and is fully functional. The battery compartment, film compartment, mirror box, viewfinder, and focus screen are all clean and free of dust, corrosion, or damage. The exterior cosmetics are good. All dials, levers, and switches actuate exactly as they should, and with typical Minolta mechanical precision.

The light meter works perfectly, and is powered by readily available batteries (which are included).

The included lens is a wonderful fast prime lens of the highest quality. The Minolta Rokkor series is well-known for producing amazing bokeh, contrast, color, and superior image quality. This fast prime example will offer exceptional low-light shooting capabilities, produce fantastic bokeh, and be incredibly sharp when stopped down. The 55mm focal length is the perfect standard for all kinds of general purpose photography, from street photography to landscapes, from snapshots to action, from portraits to architectural shooting.

Cosmetically and mechanically the lens is in fantastic condition. The glass elements are free of fungus, balsam separation, haze, and all other optical aberrations. The aperture blades are snappy and free of oil. Focus throw is smooth and perfectly weighted, and the aperture ring clicks into its detents with precision.

It will be shipped immediately and packaged securely to ensure safe and timely delivery.

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