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35mm SLR
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Alpa 10 D 35mm Film SLR Camera with Kern Switar 50mm F/1.8 AR Fast Prime Lens and Brochure - Fully Functional and Excellent - Rare


Here we have a rare and wonderful hand-made in Switzerland 35mm film camera from ALPA, the 10d. It comes with the Kern Switar 50mm F/1.8 fast prime lens and a brochure.

For a full review of the Alpa 10d with sample photos made with this very camera and lens, see our review here -

The camera is in impeccable cosmetic condition with no damage, scratches, wear or blemishes. The film compartment is clean and free of dust, damage and debris. The mirror box is similarly clean and excellent. The lens mount is free of marring and works perfectly. The focusing screen is beautiful, and while the viewfinder shows a minor blemish, it is flawless when we peer through it.

All dials, knobs, switches, and levers actuate as they should with mechanical precision. Film advance is smooth and excellent, shutter release is quiet and precise. Really, this is just a fantastic and exceptional (and rare) film camera.

The lens is similarly excellent, with no cosmetic damage or scratches or blemishes. The lens glass elements are free of fungus, haze, separation, and scratches. The aperture blades actuate as they should. The focus action is smooth and deliberate, and the aperture control works as it should.

The Alpa 10d is a masterful hand-made creation from Switzerland. Made in small numbers by experienced craftsmen, it was made to an unmatched high standard. It's quality of build surpasses Leica cameras, and its rarity makes it a treasured object for collectors. It just so happens it's also a great camera to shoot (see our review referenced earlier).

The Alpa will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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