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Leica M6 TTL 35mm Film Camera - Perfect


Here we have a beautiful Leica M6 TTL rangefinder 35mm film camera with original Leica strap. It is in pristine like new condition, ships with new batteries and a lens cap (not pictured), and is fully functional. 

The camera has been thoroughly tested and performs perfectly. The body is in like new condition with no markings of any kind. The .72 magnification viewfinder is clean and clear, frame lines are bright and vivid, and the rangefinder patch is contrasty and sharp. The leatherette is unmarked. The lens mount is perfect. The rangefinder mechanism works perfectly and is perfectly aligned. The pressure plate is flawless and the shutter curtain is light tight and functions properly. 

All shutter speeds are accurate, and the metering system works perfectly. The LEDs are bright and steady. All knobs, dials, levers, and switches actuate with mechanical precision, and the shutter release is quiet and smooth. The battery compartment is free of corrosion and damage, and the film compartment is perfectly clean. 

Essentially, this is a perfect M6 TTL. 

The M6 TTL is the more advanced sibling to the original M6. It features a wonderfully responsive light metering system that ensures the photographer will always make a correct exposure. The camera uses a larger shutter speed selector dial, which is ergonomically perfect and much improved over other M cameras. The .72 magnification viewfinder makes it an amazing camera for use with 35mm lenses, and versatile frame lines ensure it can be successfully shot with the entire range of Leica focal length lenses. 

This camera will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately. 

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