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Leica M4 Rangefinder Camera with Body Cap, Complete, Fully Functional 35mm Film Camera


Here we have a truly legendary camera, the Leica M4 with body cap.

Serial Number for this machine is M4 - 1194646.

This M4 is in very good user condition and is fully functional. Everything works as it should. Cosmetic condition can be seen in the photos, as this is the actual camera advertised. It is not perfectly pristine or a collector's camera, but it is also not asking those kind of prices. This camera is a fantastic machine for someone who will actually shoot it (as it should be).

All levers, dials, and knobs and switches actuate as they should. Detents are solidly defined as knobs and dials click into their detents with exacting precision. The film advance lever is silky smooth, and the shutter release is quiet and accurate. All speeds check accurately, and all framelines appear when they should. 

The shutter curtain is in very nice condition with only minor signs of age, and the viewfinder is crystal clear and in perfect condition. Frame lines are bright and beautiful, and the rangefinder patch is nice and contrasty and bright. 

This camera has been fully tested with a roll of film, resulting in fantastic shots made by a wonderful camera. 

Because we know this camera is an expensive, legendary camera, the buyer may be hesitant to spend their money without seeing the camera in the flesh. Because of this, if the buyer is unsatisfied for any reason we will happily accept a return shipment and issue a full refund without any questions. We do this for all our cameras and all our customers. 

I know that anyone who buys this camera will be exceptionally happy. 

The M4 will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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