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Leica M3 35mm Film Rangefinder Camera with Leica Metal Backed Body Cap, Take Up Spool - Excellent Condition


Here we have a truly legendary camera, the double stroke Leica M3. This camera comes with the original metal backed Leica body cap and take up spool. 

This M3 is in perfect mechanical condition and is fully functional. Everything works as it should. All levers, dials, and knobs click into their detents with mechanical precision. The self timer works as it should, and shutter release is smooth and precise. The shutter curtain is in excellent condition, and the viewfinder and rangefinder windows are crystal clear and show perfect contrast for focusing. Frame lines are bright and beautiful.

This camera has been fully tested with film, resulting in fantastic shots made by a wonderful camera. There are no issues whatsoever. 

Cosmetically it is in very good condition, as can be seen in the photos. There are minor blemishes that can be seen in the photos. These are very light and to be expected of a 60+ year old camera. Knurling on all knobs and levers is impeccably clean with no marring or damage. There is no brassing and chrome is in excellent condition on this camera.

The M3 offers unparalleled performance with 50mm lenses, having the largest viewfinder magnification of any Leica M series camera. It is the ultimate precision instrument for photography, and operates as much like a fine mechanical watch or scientific instrument as it does a camera. 

It uses Leica's M mount, which means that any M mount lens made by any company will work. These include legendary lenses from Leica, Carl Zeiss, Voigtlander, and more. 
The M3 will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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leica m3 for sale - 2.jpg
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