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Pontiac Super Lynx Film Camera Advertisement - Original, 1947 Professionally Framed


Here we have an original print advertisement for the Pontiac Super Lynx film camera. This advertisement is not a reproduction, but an actual print ad from the 1947 edition of France Illustration, a French magazine. 

The ad is in fantastic condition and has been professionally framed with care and attention. The included frame is made of maple wood in black, with UV resistant glass, and a thick matte.

Colors are vibrant and beautiful, and this illustration is one of the prettiest we've seen in vintage camera ads. 

The Super Lynx camera by Pontiac is an exceedingly rare and beautiful camera made in France just following World War II. This advertisement would have been one of the first ads for this particular camera. It reads, loosely translated, "Reflected and studied to the last detail", which is true of this gorgeous camera. 

The piece will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately. 

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