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Rolleicord III Model K3B TLR Medium Format Film Camera with Case and Lens Caps


Here we have a gorgeous Rolleicord TLR with case and lens cap. It is in great condition cosmetically and is mechanically excellent and fully functional.

This particular camera is the Rolleicord III model K3B made between 1950 and 1953. It features a 75mm f/3.2 Heidosmat taking lens and a 75mm F/3.5 Scheider Kreuznach Xenar taking lens. The Compur Rapid leaf shutter is capable of speeds from 1 second to 1/500th of a second, plus Bulb mode. 

Both lenses are in excellent condition. All glass elements are free of fungus, haze, scratches, and all other optical anomalies. The aperture actuates beautifully and the aperture blades are unmarred. The leaf shutter blades are free of oil and corrosion and actuate perfectly at all shutter speeds. 

The focus action is smooth and precise, and the waist level viewfinder is clean and sharp. Magnifier and sports finder work as they should. Frame advance counter works correctly, as do all other knobs, dials, levers, and switches.

The camera, generally speaking, is tight and solid. All mechanisms are unworn, and the film door clicks into its locked position with excellent force. The feet are intact and the tripod mount is unmarred. The pressure plate is in great condition and switches from 35mm to 120 film position as it should. (You will need the Rolleikin 35mm adapter to shoot 35mm film in this camera). 

The included case is not in decent condition, but it is worn and half torn on the lower hinge. It holds together, but it is not perfect. 

This camera is a legend in the world of photography, and one of the finest TLRs ever made. It is a true photographic masterpiece that is ready to shoot for another lifetime. 

It will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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