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Olympus Zuiko MC Auto-W 35mm F/2 Wide Angle Fast Prime Lens with Rear Cap, and Olympus Lens Hood


Here we have a very nice wide standard fast prime lens from Olympus, the Olympus Zuiko MC Auto-W 35mm F/2. It comes with rear cap, and an Olympus screw-in metal lens hood.

The lens is in very good condition and is fully functional.

The glass elements are clean and clear, and free of fungus, haze, balsam separation, scratches, and cleaning marks. The optical coatings are pristine.

The aperture blades are free of oil and snappy. Mount is pristine. Filter threads have no marring or damage, the aperture ring clicks with mechanical precision, and the focus ring spins with perfectly weighted fluidity.

There is a light engraving on the underside of the lens that can be seen in the photographs. 

This is one of the Olympus OM systems most coveted standard lenses. It is well-regarded and respected as being among the sharpest, most technically capable lenses of the era. 

Capable of extremely sharp images with little vignetting or edge blur, this lens is a solid performer that's perfect for an incredible variety of photography styles. From landscapes to family photos, street photography to long-exposures, this lens is capable of all the usual photographic pursuits. Its relatively quick aperture allows solid low-light performance.

This prime lens is optically fantastic and will make a wonderful addition to either a film photographer or digital photographer's gear. Use this lens on an old 35mm camera, or a full frame digital camera, and utilize the wide standard focal length to the utmost. Mount it on a crop-sensor digital camera and the focal length becomes approximately 50mm, which is also a perfect standard focal length for snap shots, street photography, etc. 

This lens will naturally fit onto any Olympus SLR with the OM mount. Additionally it will mount to many DSLR, mirror-less, and micro 4/3rds cameras through the use of inexpensive and readily available adapters. If you need help determining which adapter will work for your camera, just ask!

The lens will be shipped immediately and packaged securely to ensure safe delivery.

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