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Nikon Micro Nikkor 55mm F/3.5 Pre-ai Prime Macro Lens with M Nikkor Extension Tube, Lens Caps


Here we have the Nikon Micro Nikkor 55mm F/3.5 fast prime lens with Nikkor M extension tube, and lens caps. It is in great condition and is perfectly functional.

The included Nikkor M extension tube allows unbelievably close macro photography. 

The aperture blades are oil free and actuate beautifully. The glass is free of fungus, markings, haze and balsam separation. The body is without scratches or dents. The filter threads are in great shape, as is the mount and aperture/focus rings. 

This macro focusing 55mm lens is fantastic choice for photographers who want to not only shoot extremely close macro photos, but who also want that same macro lens to act as a standard focal length lens. With a focal length of 55mm, the lens is capable of taking standard shots like any 50mm lens. But turn the focus ring to its macro range and the lens is capable of resolving incredible close detail and gorgeous macro photos. It has a relatively quick aperture of 3.5, allowing good low-light performance when shot wide open, and stops down to f/32 for extreme depth-of-field (this allows lots of macro details to be in sharp focus).

The lens produces exceptional images due to excellent Nikkor construction, featuring multi-coated elements to reduce flaring, ghosting, chromatic aberration, and other optical artifacts. The build quality is fantastic, with a perfectly weighted focus throw and an aperture ring that clicks solidly into its detents. 

This lens uses Nikon's ubiquitous F-mount and will fit to every Nikon SLR camera from 1959-present day that's capable of mounting pre-AI style F mount lenses. It will also mount to many Nikon DSLR cameras. Additionally this lens can be used with many mirror-less, micro 4/3rds, and other modern cameras with suitable adapters that can be purchased for often under $20. 

Just an amazing lens that will capture exceptional images for decades to come. 

The lens will be packaged securely and shipped immediately.

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