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Minolta MD 50mm F/1.7 Fast Prime Legacy Lens - Pristine Condition with Rear Cap


Here we have a fantastic Minolta fast prime lens. This MD 50mm F/1.7 comes with a rear lens cap.

It is in perfect condition, with a silky smooth focusing ring, oil-free and snappy aperture blades, fungus free glass, and unmarred mount and filter threads.

The 50mm focal length is a perfect standard focal length for general purpose photography, street shooting, portraits, architectural shooting, snapshots, and any other type of general photo-making. 

The fast maximum aperture of F/1.7 will yield excellent results when shooting in low-light and available-light situations. This makes the lens perfect for street photography, lifestyle shooting, and portraits. When opened wide it creates wonderfully blurred bokeh and helps achieve excellent subject isolation. Stop the lens down and it becomes incredibly sharp, perfect for those who love crisp, detailed photos. 

This lens is absolutely fantastic. Among the highest quality lenses that Minolta made, this MD lens features the absolute best optical formula, exceptional build quality, and unbeatable optical coatings. It's difficult to convey how wonderful this lens feels in use.

Made for the Minolta SR mount (MC/MD), this lens can also be used on many of today's digital cameras; Micro 4/3, DSLRs, and mirrorless cameras accept it easily when paired with inexpensive and plentiful adapters. If you need help finding the right adapter for your camera, just ask and we'll provide a link.

The lens will be shipped immediately and packaged securely to ensure safe delivery.

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minolta md 5mm for sale - 4.jpg
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