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Minolta MD Macro 50mm F3.5 Prime Macro Lens with Caps


Here we have a wonderful Minolta MD Macro 50mm F/3.5 lens with both lens caps.

This lens is functionally and cosmetically exceptional, with no wear or damage. The glass elements are clean, clear, and free of fungus, balsam separation, haze, and cleaning marks. The aperture is snappy and the blades are free of oil. The focus ring is silky smooth and perfectly weighted, and the aperture ring clicks with mechanical precision. 

The filter threads are unmarred and the mount is perfect. Additionally, the mount on the extension tube is perfect, resulting in an incredibly tight and confidence-inspiring mounting process. 

The barrel is in pristine shape, suffering zero paint loss or markings.

This is just an exceptional example of an amazing macro/standard lens, and it would be difficult to find one in better condition.

With the macro lens mounted directly to the camera the lens is capable of taking both close-up shots and standard 50mm focal length images. Because of this it is extremely versatile, and able to shoot general purpose photography as well as close-up work.

Well-known for their exceptional color, contrast, and sharpness, Minolta lenses are second to none in the world of vintage camera lenses. Extremely high build quality, exceptional optical coatings, and precision machine-work set Minolta's glass apart from the rest. 

It can be naturally mounted to any Minolta SR mount (MC/MD) film SLR, or mated to any of today's DSLR or mirror-less cameras through the use of inexpensive adapters. Please contact me if you're unsure about which adapter will allow this lens to mount to your camera and I will happily provide a link to the best adapter I've personally used. 

This lens will be shipped immediately and packaged securely to ensure safe arrival.

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