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Konica Hexanon AR 28mm F/3.5 Fast Prime Wide Lens with Two Caps - Pristine


Here we have a pristine Konica Hexanon AR 28mm F/3.5 prime wide angle lens. It is in excellent condition and ready to make fantastic photos on both classic Konica film cameras or today's mirror-less and DSLR machines via inexpensive adapters. If you're not sure if this lens will fit your camera, just ask!

This particular lens is in fantastic cosmetic and mechanical condition. The lens elements are clean and clear with no fungus, scratches, or balsam separation. The aperture blades are snappy and oil-free and the focus and aperture rings spin smoothly and click nicely.

The wide 28mm focal length is perfect for snap shots, general photography, street photography, landscapes, and architectural shooting. Stopped down it becomes extremely sharp and capable of rendering very fine images. The lens can operate in AE mode for cameras with Program and Shutter Priority shooting modes.

Konica's Hexanon lenses are extremely respected in the world of classic cameras. While other camera makers managed to produce a fair number of excellent lenses throughout the years, only Konica was well-regarded for producing an entire range of consistently superb lenses. When you bought a Konica lens there was no question as to whether your lens could compete with the other brands; it was usually better. The Japanese government even used Hexanon lenses as the standard against which all other lenses were measured. 

This lens will natively mount to any Konica AR mount film SLR. These are all Konica SLRs produced from 1965 to 1987, when Konica ceased operations in the SLR market. It will also mount to today's digital cameras, as mentioned.

This lens will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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