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The Photographer's Mind - Michael Freeman - Creative Thinking for Better Digital Photos Photography Guide Book


Here we have one of the best modern photography guide books that delves deeply into the mind and heart of what it means to be an effective photographer. 192 pages of pure wisdom.

The Photographer's Mind by Michael Freeman is the follow up to the amazing The Photographer's Eye, which has been published in sixteen languages. In this book, Michael unravels the mysteries behind the creation of his amazing photographs. 

More than a book on how to properly expose a photo, or how to adjust white balance, The Photographer's Mind is an almost spiritual journey into what it means to take powerful pictures, and how to avoid cliché, how to use the nature of fashion in portraiture, how to read mannerisms and develop a style, and how to handle the unexpected pitfalls and hazards of this hobby and profession. 

A meal for the mind, this book is required reading for any photo geek shooting film or digital. 

This copy is in excellent condition with no damage, a strong binding, and clean pages. 

It will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately. 

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