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Olympus Winder 2 for Olympus OM System 35mm Film SLR Cameras - Fully Functional


Here we have an Olympus OM Winder 2 for Olympus' professional and Semi-professional 35mm film SLRs, including the OM1n, OM2n, OM10, OM30, etc. This winder is in good condition and is fully functional. 

Battery compartment is clean. 

The OM Winder 2 offers effortless film advance when fitted to your Olympus SLR. Choice of single-frame or continuous firing is offered through a selector knob. Secondary shutter release button activates the camera's exposure meter (just as using the regular shutter release would). 

Burst mode operates at up to 2.5 frames per second. Automatic winding stop occurs when the film end is reached. The film can then be rewound as normal. 

This winder does not come with batteries, but it uses common AA size.

The winder will be packaged securely and shipped immediately.

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olympu om winder for sale - 11.jpg
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