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Minolta Program Back 70 for Minolta Maxxum 7000, a-7000, AF-7000 35mm Film Camera


Here we have a very nice condition (and rare) Minolta Program Back 70 for Maxxum 7000, a-7000, AF-7000 Minolta film cameras.

This accessory allows for unmanned operation of the camera, timed long exposures, and data imprinting.

Designed exclusively for the Minolta Maxxum/a/AF 7000 (Minolta's first professional grade autofocus 35mm film camera), the Program Back 70 makes it possible to imprint time, date, consecutive numbers, and fixed numbers onto the negative. 

It also allows for intervalometer and long exposure funcitonality. When using the intervalometer, the start time, number of frames, length of interval, and length of exposure can each be set separately. All of the camera's exposure modes can be used, and for exposures longer than 30 seconds, timed exposures can be set. It can also operate Minolta 2800AF flash unit unmanned with battery conservation. 

The Program Back will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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