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35mm SLR
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Nikon Nikomat FTn 35mm Film SLR Camera Body, Black - Fully Functional Nikkormat


Here we have a very nice Nikon Nikomat FTn camera body in black. This camera comes with a Nikon body cap. The Nikomat is the same as the Nikkormat (it was named differently in different regions of the world).

The camera is fully functional, comes with a new battery, and is ready to produce another lifetime of fantastic photos.

The camera is cosmetically clean and mechanically perfect. The mirror box, battery compartment, film compartment, viewfinder, and focusing screen are clean. The shutter is in perfect condition. The lens mount is tight and all knobs, levers, and dials, actuate as they should.

For a full review of this camera, read my review here :

The Nikomat FTn is an enthusiast-level 35mm film SLR made by Nikon in the 1970s to accompany they're professional F series machines. It borrowed much of the professional F series' build ethos, being a decidedly robust mechanical machine that was made to an incredibly high standard. It is a completely capable camera that will do anything any photographer could ask of it.

The camera uses Nikon's famous F mount, which means that any Nikon (or 3rd party F mount) lens will natively mount on this camera. This offers a nearly unmatched variety of glass options and ensures that the Nikomat is a camera that will grow with the shooter. Equally at home in the hands of a professional photographer as in the hands of a student or new shooter, it's an excellent choice for anyone looking for absolute quality on a budget.

The camera will be shipped immediately and packaged securely to ensure safe delivery.

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