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35mm SLR
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Nikon EM 35mm Film SLR Camera with Nikon 50mm F/ 1.8 Series E Lens


Here we have a great condition Nikon EM 35mm film SLR camera with a Nikon Series E 50mm F/1.8 lens and lens cap.

This camera is fully functional and in fantastic condition. Everything works as it should.

The lens is perfect. Filter threads are clean, glass is free of fungus, optical coating is in perfect shape, aperture blades are snappy and oil free, mount is unmarred, everything is excellent!

This standard lens is fantastic for street photography, snap shots, portraits, and everything in between. It has a very fast aperture for low-light shooting, and will produce wonderful bokeh shot wide open. Shooting this lens stopped down will create incredibly sharp images. Additionally, this camera uses Nikon's ubiquitous F mount, for which there are an astounding number of available lenses.

The Nikon EM is an entry-level, interchangeable lens, 35 mm film, single lens reflex (SLR) camera. It was manufactured by Nippon Kogaku K. K. (today Nikon Corporation) in Japan from 1979 to 1982. The EM uses a Seiko MFC-E focal plane shutter with a speed range of 1 to 1/1000 second plus Bulb and flash X-sync of 1/90 second. It is 86 mm (3.4 in) high, 135 mm (5.3 in) wide, 54 mm (2.1 in) deep and weighed 460 grams (16 oz).

A perfect camera for anyone who's interested in composition, framing, and the artistic impact of an image.

This camera will be packaged securely and shipped immediately.

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