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35mm SLR
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Minolta XG-SE 35mm Film Camera with MD 50mm F/1.7 Fast Prime Lens and Batteries - Fully Operational


Here we have a very fine Minolta XG-SE 35mm SLR camera, with a fantastic Minolta MD 50mm F/1.7 fast prime lens. 

This camera is in excellent condition cosmetically and mechanically, is fully functional, and comes with fresh batteries.

This camera is a superb enthusiast level 35mm film SLR capable of doing nearly anything any shooter will ask of it. Able to shoot in both full manual mode and aperture-priority auto-exposure, it's great for those who demand superb performance and complete creative control. By virtue of the camera offering aperture-priority auto-exposure, it's also a perfect camera for those looking to shoot with a less hands-on approach. 

The viewfinder, mirrorbox, shutter curtains, pentaprism, film compartment and battery compartment are all clean and in great shape. The top and bottom plate are free of damage. All levers dials and knobs actuate as they should. The light meter works perfectly, and the shutter speeds are completely accurate. The leatherette is in great condition. 

The lens is in perfect condition and is a standard 50mm focal length, perfect for snapshots, street photography, students, portraits, and general purpose shooting. The glass is perfectly clean, scratch and fungus free with no balsam separation or haze. The aperture blades are snappy and free of any oil and moisture. The mount and filter threads are pristine. Aperture and focus rings actuate correctly and spin smoothly with perfect weight. 

This lens can also be used on digital cameras and today's mirror-less machines through the use of suitable and affordable adapters. Additionally, the camera will accept any Minolta MC/MD lens, allowing the shooter a massive selection of truly world-class optics. 

This camera will be packaged securely to ensure safe delivery and shipped immediately.

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