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35mm SLR
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Minolta XG-A SLR 35mm Camera with MD Rokkor X 45mm F/2 Fast Prime Lens and Batteries - Fully Functional


Here we have a very fine Minolta XG-A 35mm SLR camera, with a rather fantastic Minolta MD Rokkor X 45mm F/2 fast prime lens and new batteries installed.

This camera is in fantastic condition, cosmetically and mechanically. It has been treated to a very happy life by a caring previous owner. The mirror box, film compartment, battery compartment, and focusing screen are all in excellent condition. The knobs, dials, and lever actuate as they should, and all functions operate correctly. The shutter is in perfect condition and is accurate.

For those unfamiliar with this camera, the XG-A is a fantastic vintage SLR for anyone, but is especially well-suited to those who may be intimidated by more complicated SLR's. This auto-exposure camera allows users to control aperture and exposure compensation, while letting the camera do the harder work of setting appropriate shutter speeds for the amount of light available. Simply select the aperture that will give you the desired depth-of-field (super sharp, or glorious bokeh), and point and shoot. By using the exposure compensation dial it's possible to easily adjust the exposure for special instances (such as heavy backlighting) or for artistic effect. Additionally the camera features an X flash mode and Bulb mode to provide better low light and long exposure shooting.

The included lens is in perfect condition, and is of the standard 45mm focal length. This makes it ideal for all types of photography, including snapshots, street photography, portraits, and architectural/landscape shooting.

For full details on this lens with many sample photos, see our review here.

The glass is perfectly clean, scratch and fungus free. Aperture blades are snappy and free of any oil and moisture. The mount is pristine. Aperture and focus rings spin smoothly with perfect weight.

The real treat of this camera is that it allows less serious photographers to utilize an immense array of high quality and specialty lenses, using any lens suited to the Minolta SR Mount. Additionally this camera can be used with any Minolta MC/MD lens, creating the possibility of using truly world-class optics at a low price.

Just an excellent camera in excellent condition.

This item will be packaged securely and shipped immediately.

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