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Minolta XE-5 SLR Camera with Minolta Mc Rokkor X PF 50mm f / 1.7 Fast Prime Lens - Fully Operational - Same as Leica R-Series


Here we have a legendary vintage SLR camera from Minolta - the XE-5. This camera comes with the fantastic Minolta MC Rokkor X PF 50mm F/1.7 fast prime lens and lens cap.

This camera is in excellent condition and is fully functional. It has been thoroughly tested and comes with new batteries installed.

This camera offers quite possibly the best build quality of any Japanese SLR camera ever made. It is truly an amazing machine. Every knob, dial, and switch actuates with mechanical precision that is unrivaled in the world of Japanese SLRs.

This is the little brother to the XE-7, which makes it kin to the very best SLR camera Minolta ever produced. The only difference being that the XE-5 is not capable of double-exposures, and the viewfinder shutter has been removed. These are extremely minor adjustments to an overall amazing design.

It is the same body and design used by Leica for their R-series SLR cameras. This machine was licensed by the legendary German company from Minolta. The build quality is second-to-none and this camera feels incredibly robust in the hand. A truly high-end piece of photographic machinery.

The included lens is Minolta's fantastic MC Rokkor X series 50mm. This standard focal length lens is perfect for general photography, snapshots, action, landscapes, portraits, and street photography. The fast aperture of F/1.7 enables glorious bokeh when shot wide open, offering subject isolation for portraits, and low-light shooting such as the type found with nighttime street shooting. When stopped down, the lens creates outstanding sharpness across the entire frame with no light falloff, chromatic aberration, or distortion.

Additionally, the camera uses Minolta's SR Mount, which means that any of Minolta's fantastic MC / MD lenses will fit on this camera body.

It will be shipped immediately and packaged securely to ensure safe and timely delivery.

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