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Minolta X9 SLR 35mm Film Camera with Minolta MD 50mm F 2 Fast Prime Lens and Eye Cup


Here we have a fantastic Minolta SLR, the X9, with a perfect standard fast prime lens, the MD 50mm ƒ/2. 

The camera is fully functional and in fantastic condition. All functions work as they should. The Body is cosmetically excellent, the film and battery compartments are clean and free of corrosion or damage. The mount, pentaprism, viewfinder, mirror, and shutter are all clean and in excellent shape. The light meter works perfectly. 

The lens is in fantastic cosmetic condition, with perfectly clean glass, clean mount, and a snappy oil-free aperture assembly. The focus ring spins with a nice weighted fluidity, and the aperture ring clicks nicely into its detents. 

Essentially, this is just a perfect 35mm film camera originally designed for the enthusiastic photographer.

While the X9 is just a fantastic all-around photo-taking device, it's also notable because it is the last manual focus camera body manufactured by Minolta before they switched to their newer autofocus Maxxum system. 

Further special features include one of the most accurate metering systems made by any manufacturer, enabling full auto-exposure and aperture priority shooting modes that are extremely accurate. Additionally, the focus screen, reflex mirror, and viewfinder are all exceptionally large compared to other cameras, enabling very easy focusing even in low-light conditions. 

The camera uses Minolta's famous SR (MC/MD) mount, which means that all of Minolta's incredible manual focus lenses will fit naturally onto this camera. Minolta's optics were second to none, and this camera and their lenses will enable the shooter to take any types of photo desired. 

This camera has been tested with a roll of film, and it produced outstanding and effortless results.

An excellent camera for anyone, from student to experienced photographer.

his camera will be packaged securely and shipped immediately. 

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