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Minolta X-700 35mm Film SLR Camera with Minolta MD Rokkor X 50mm F/1.4 Fast Prime Lens, UV Filter, Lens Cap, Batteries - Fully Functional


Here we have an excellent Minolta X700 SLR camera with Minolta MD Rokkor X 50mm F/1.4 fast prime lens, UV filter, lens cap, and new batteries.

The camera is in excellent condition both cosmetically and mechanically. There are no points of damage, no brassing, and no wear on the body. The film compartment, battery compartment, viewfinder, and mirror box are all clean. The shutter is in perfect condition, and the light meter works perfectly. All functions, dials, knobs, and levers work as they should.

The lens is one of Minolta's fantastic MD Rokkor X lenses, well-regarded for its outstanding build quality and exceptional optics. The aperture blades are clean and free of oil, and actuate flawlessly. The focus ring spins with perfectly weighted fluidity and the aperture ring clicks into its detents with mechanical precision. The lens elements are clean with no damage to the optical coatings, and no fungus.

Minolta's lenses are exceptional, and this is a perfect example of the standard focal length 50mm lens. It offers a fast aperture of F/1.4, perfect for low light photography, portraits, subject isolation, and excellent bokeh. Stop the aperture down and this lens sharpens up to capture pin-point precise detail. From snapshots, to landscapes, and everything in between, this lens does it all and does it all very well.

This camera features Minolta's ubiquitous SR mount, meaning all MD/MC and Celtic lenses will fit without any issues or necessary adapters.

The X700 is one of Minolta's most popular electronic SLR cameras ever. It was their top-of-the-line SLR camera starting in 1981, and would continue to be their best machine until the introduction of the auto-focus Maxxum 7000.

This camera shoots in both aperture and shutter priority as well as having full Manual mode. The X700 was also a full-featured camera with a massive range of accessories and lenses. This is the type of pro-consumer camera that was built for real enthusiasts, without being a fully professional grade body. Perfect for the avid photographer.

Features of the X700 :

  • Completely electronic automatic control of aperture and shutter speed in program mode.

  • Electronically controlled stepless shutter speeds from 1/1000 to 4 seconds for aperture priority mode or program mode, and 1/1000 to 1 second plus “B” for metered manual mode.

  • Touch-switch meter activation without having to depress the shutter release.

  • Final check metering system (after stopping the lens down the camera performs a final check to ensure that the exposure will be correct).

  • Very bright acute-matte viewfinder screen with details of selected aperture, camera mode (“M”, “P” or “A”) and camera recommended/selected shutter speed. Unlike the earlier XD11, the camera does not show the selected shutter speed in manual mode, only the recommended speed. This is surprising, as the model below the X-700 (the X-500 or X-570 in some markets) did show the selected speed. This is the principal cause of complaint for experienced Minolta users with the X-700 body.

  • A range of interchangeable screens was available.

  • Automatic exposure lock button.

  • Remote shutter release that will accept both electronic and manual shutter releases.

  • Audible and visual slow speed alert when required shutter speed will be 1/30 second or less.

  • Silicon photocell TTL centre weighted meter, measured at full aperture for normal display, then at taking aperture for automatic exposure calculation, with a second meter for measuring off the film during TTL flash operation. Automatic exposure range EV1 to EV18.

  • Horizontal traverse silk shutter, enabling maximum sync speed of 1/60 sec.

  • Plastic body construction, encased in light metal, then painted black.

  • Can be used with the Auto Winder G for motor driven sequences of up to 2 frames per second, or with the Motor Drive 1 for exposure sequences at up to an amazing 3.5 frames per second.

  • Exposure adjustment lever for up to two stops over or under exposure from the metered setting.

  • Depth of field preview button.

  • Plastic shutter blind attached to strap for tripod use.

  • PC connection for studio flash use.

  • Film “safe-load” indicator.

  • Audible and visible self timer (LED). Audible alert can be disengaged.

It will be shipped immediately and packaged securely to ensure safe and timely delivery.

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