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35mm SLR
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Konica Autoreflex TC 35mm Film SLR Camera with Konica Body Cap, Batteries


Here we have a very nice Konica Autoreflex TC 35mm film SLR camera with Konica body cap. It is in good condition and comes with new batteries.

The Konica Autoreflex TC is an excellent entry-level camera that's equally capable for an experienced photographer. It features a capable shutter (1/8th of a second to 1/1000th of a second + Bulb mode), excellent metering capability, shutter priority auto exposure mode, meter assisted manual exposure mode, viewfinder display, and a self-timer. 

The camera is fully functional, clean, and cosmetically very nice. Mechanically it is perfect, and everything functions as it should. The viewfinder, focusing screen, mirror box, shutter, and film compartment are all clean and well-maintained. The film advance mechanism works perfectly. Shutter speeds are accurate and light metering is good. 

This camera uses the Konica bayonet mount, for which there are a number of outstanding lenses available for little cost. You will need a lens for this camera, and we suggest the 40mm Hexanon as a standard lens.

Konica's Hexanon lenses are extremely respected in the world of classic cameras. While other camera makers managed to produce a fair number of excellent lenses throughout the years, only Konica was well-regarded for producing an entire range of consistently superb lenses. When you bought a Konica lens there was no question as to whether your lens could compete with the other brands; it was usually better. The Japanese government even used Hexanon lenses as the standard against which all other lenses were measured. 

The camera can use all Konica AR mount lenses (and 3rd party AR mount lenses), and these lenses will also mount to any other Konica AR mount film SLR. These include all Konica SLRs produced from 1965 to 1987, when Konica ceased operations in the SLR market. It will also mount to today's digital cameras by way of an inexpensive adapter. 

It will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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