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Kodak No 2 Brownie Model F in Red - 120 Medium Format Film Camera - All Functions Working


Here we have a nice condition and somewhat rare Kodak No 2 Brownie Model F in Red leatherette. This camera uses 120 medium format film (which can still be purchased new today). 

The camera is in good condition both mechanically and cosmetically. All functions work as they should, including the winding knob, opening spring, and lens. The viewfinders are fairly aged, so composition may be tricky if this camera is intended to be used, but it is possible. The handle is pliable and intact, not brittle or damaged.

This camera was released between 1929 and 1933, and is one of a handful of rare versions which used color leatherette in place of the traditional black material. 

This camera is a gorgeous piece of photographic history. Return it to shooting photos via modern film, or display it on a shelf. In either case, it will serve you well. 

The Brownie will be packaged carefully and shipped immediately.

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