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Zeiss Ikon Contax II A 35mm Film Rangefinder Camera with Zeiss Opton Sonnar 50mm F/2 Fast Prime Lens - For Repair


Here we have a stunning and beautiful Contax II A 35mm film rangefinder camera, complete with Zeiss-Opton Sonnar 50mm F/2. This particular item is being sold at a discount as it is in need of reparations. The shutter works, but slower speeds are inaccurate. The included lens also shows some haze. Other than this, the camera is functional and is ready to produce another lifetime of fantastic photos.

The Contax II A is commonly regarded as the very best of Contax rangefinders, and the included lens is often called among the best standard lenses of all time. More details on both of these items can be read here -

The camera is clean. Aside from what is mentioned, all switches, levers, dials, and knobs actuate with mechanical precision. The in-body focus control is smooth and precise, the rangefinder is accurate and well-calibrated, the viewfinder is clean and clear, and the frame lines are bright. The film gate and film compartment are clean and free of damage and debris. The leatherette and chrome finishes are in excellent condition.

The lens's focus action is smooth, and the aperture ring clicks with precision. The aperture blades are undamaged and actuate beautifully. The mount is unmarred and fits to the camera perfectly.

One of the best rangefinders of all time, this is a wonderful example of an amazing camera. It has been fully film tested and creates incredible images.

It will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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