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Leidolf Lordomat 35mm Film Rangefinder Camera with Manual - Fully Functional, Exceptional Condition, Made in Wetzlar Germany


Here we have a beautiful condition and fully functional Leidolf Lordomat 35mm film rangefinder camera with 50mm F/2.8 Lordon lens and its original manual. This camera is in excellent condition and is ready to produce another lifetime of photos on film.

All aspects of the camera operate as they should, and all functions are correct. There is no oil or debris on the aperture. The leaf shutter is clean and free of oil and rubbing marks, and it actuates perfectly at all shutter speeds. The camera's mechanical components all work perfectly and feel excellent. The film compartment is free of dust and debris, the pressure plate is excellent, and the viewfinder/rangefinder are clean and clear. The rangefinder patch is slightly off its vertical alignment, but is contrasty and bright.

The lens is in similar great condition. The aperture ring clicks perfectly into its detents and the aperture iris opens and closes with precision. The glass elements are free of dust and debris and separation and haze and fungus. The filter threads are unmarred, and the lens mounts to the body with precision. The focus action is smooth and precise.

The Leidolf Lordomat is an incredibly advanced mechanical camera with a leaf shutter, interchangeable lenses, and was made with exceptional craftsmanship. it was built in Wetzlar Germany, the home of world-renowned camera makers Leica, and shows its heritage well. It is a gorgeous and exceptionally brilliant camera - the kind of clockwork machine put out by the likes of Zeiss and Leica, but far lesser known.

It will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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