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Leica M2 35mm Film Rangefinder Camera with Dual Range Summicron 50mm F/2 Lens, Close Up Focus Adapter Goggles, UV Filter, Leica Lens Cap


Here we have an exceptionally clean example of a truly legendary camera, the Leica M2 with Dual Range 50mm F/2 Summicron, close-focusing goggles, Leitz UV filter and Leica lens cap. This camera is nearly perfect with an intact L seal. It is one of the cleanest Leicas to ever come through the shop.

Functionally the M2 is in excellent condition and is fully functional. Everything works as it should. All levers, dials, and knobs click into their detents with mechanical precision. The shutter curtain is in excellent condition, and the viewfinder and rangefinder windows are crystal clear and show perfect contrast for focusing. Frame lines are incredibly bright and beautiful.

There are no bright marks or brassing, no wear and tear. If we are looking very very closely there may be a 1 millimeter blemish to the Vulcanite or rear film door, but this is mentioned for prudence. Please see photos for details on the machine's amazing condition.

The included lens is the Dual Range Summicron 50mm F/2, a lens which most Leica enthusiasts recognize as the best built 50mm Summicron ever made. It is well known for having incredible rendering and amazing sharpness.

The glass elements are perfect and free of scratches, haze, fungus, and separation. The aperture ring clicks solidly into its detents, and the blades actuate smoothly. Focus action is amazing and well-damped.

This camera and lens have been fully tested with film, resulting in fantastic shots made by a wonderful camera. There are no issues whatsoever.

Because we know this camera is an expensive investment, if the buyer is unsatisfied for any reason we will happily accept a return shipment and issue a full refund. I know that anyone who buys this camera will be exceptionally happy.

The M2 will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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