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Polaroid Land Camera Model 160 - Excellent Condition, Fully Functional


This Polaroid Model 160 is in gorgeous condition, cosmetically and mechanically. It is pristine, and all functions operate exactly as they should.

The film compartment is pristine and spotless. The rollers are similarly clean. The viewfinder is clean and clear, and all mechanisms actuate with precision and certainty. The lens is clear and clean with no separation, haze, fungus, or scratches. 

It uses Polaroid roll film, which is no longer produced, however the camera can be modified to operate with film that is still in production today. Alternately, it can serve as a collection piece and will look simply stunning on display. 

The Model 160 was an incredibly high quality instant camera that would develop the shooter's photo in under one minute. It was a true masterpiece of industrial design, and remains a covetous. object nearly 60 years later.

This camera will be packaged securely and shipped immediately. 

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