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Polaroid Automatic 320 Land Camera - Fully Functional Instant Pack Film Camera


Here we have a fully functional Auto 320 Land Camera instant camera in excellent condition. This camera comes with its original strap.

Everything functions as it should and battery and film compartment are nice and clean. The rollers are nice, with minimal signs of use. 

The Land 320 features a viewfinder with separate rangefinder focus that is parallax-corrected. The user can lighten or darken the final image by adjusting the bezel surrounding the lens.

The lens is a 2-element plastic design with a focal length of 118mm and an automatically selected aperture depending on the film. The camera uses pack film and auto-exposes for simple operation. 

Film is made by Fujifilm and can still be purchased via Amazon, eBay, or other online film shops.

The camera will be packaged securely and shipped immediately.

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