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Polaroid One Film 35mm Point and Shoot Film Camera - Fully Functional Toy Camera


Here we have a simple and novel point-and-shoot camera by Polaroid, the One Film.

This camera is fully functional and ready to produce another lifetime of fantastic photos. The body is cosmetically excellent, and all functions work as they should. The film compartment, battery compartment, and viewfinder are all clean and pristine. The lens elements are free of scratches, balsam separation, haze, and fungus, and all mechanisms work as intended.

This is a simple and easy to use 35mm point and shoot film camera specially made to shoot on normal 35mm film. The fully automatic nature of this camera makes it an excellent choice for those who are looking to make quality images on film, without any hassle. While still creating quality photos, this toy camera retains the somewhat unpredictable nature so loved by retro point and shoot and lomo fans.

The camera will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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