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Point & Shoot

Nikon One Touch Zoom AF Point and Shoot 35mm Film Camera


Here we have an excellent condition and fully functional Nikon One Touch Zoom AF 35mm film point and shoot camera.

The camera is in excellent cosmetic condition and is mechanically perfect. All functions operate as they should. All dials, buttons, and switches actuate correctly. The viewfinder is clean and clear, and the film and battery compartments are free of debris, dust and corrosion.

The lens is in perfect condition. The glass elements are free of haze, balsam separation, fungus and scratches. The aperture and shutter work correctly, and the zoom mechanism functions perfectly.

The Nikon One Touch Zoom AF is an advanced 35mm film point and shoot camera. It offers numerous features not typically found in a vintage point and shoot, and is capable of taking excellent photos. The lens allows for sharp shots, and is capable of taking these shots at a number of focal lengths spanning 38mm to 70mm. This makes it an ideal camera for all types of photography, from portraits to snapshots, landscape shooting to street photography.

It's a tiny camera, excellent for travel or everyday carry, and a number of features round out the spec sheet. These include user adjustable flash modes, self-timer, and more.

It will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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