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Point & Shoot

Minolta Freedom Dual Point and Shoot 35mm Film Camera - Two lenses - aka AF-DL


Here we have a very nice Minolta Freedom Dual (also known as the AF-DL). The camera is fully functional and ready to produce another lifetime of fantastic photos.

This camera was one of the first easy-to-use point and shoot cameras to feature multiple focal lengths. By pressing a button on the top of the camera it is possible to instantly change the lens from a 35mm to a 50mm focal length, allowing wide angle shots as well as standard shots.

The camera is almost completely automated, with auto-focus, auto-exposure, automatic film advance and rewind, automatic flash, etc. Perfect for those photographers who want to focus on composition and framing, and just have fun shooting film.

Everything works as it should. The camera is in excellent condition with a clean battery compartment, clean film compartment, beautiful lenses, and is free of any damage.

It will be shipped immediately and packaged securely.

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minolta freedom dual - 1.jpg
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