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New Kodak Fun Saver 800 Speed One Time Use Disposable Film Camera - 27 Exposures, Fresh Film


Here we have a Kodak Fun Saver one time use disposable camera using 35mm 800 ISO film. These cameras are fully functional, tested, and are ready to shoot.

A review of the Fun Saver One Time Use Camera can be seen here.

They are new, unopened, and will make wonderful images.

About the easiest-to-use film cameras ever created, the Kodak Fun Saver disposable camera is as simple a point-and-shoot as has ever been made. One button controls the shutter, which is automatic, and one button controls the flash, which can be selected on or off. This, combined with the high sensitivity of the film inside the camera (800 ISO) makes this camera perfect for all shooting situations. In bright light or the dark of night, it will work perfectly, and create gorgeous images.

Perfect for those who want to experience film photography without much commitment or troublesome controls, or for people who would like guests of their events to be able to capture their own tangible memories.

The camera will be packaged securely and shipped immediately.

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kodak fun saver film camera - 1.jpg
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