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Fujifilm Fujica Compact 35 35mm film camera - Discount Read


Here we have a beautiful 35mm film camera from Fujifilm, the Fujica Compact 35. This camera is being sold at a discount because the selenium light meter has expired and no longer operates. This means that the camera can only be used in full manual mode, where the photographer must choose both aperture and shutter speed. Al other functions work correctly.

The 38mm F/2.8 lens is in excellent condition with clean glass elements and no fungus or separation or scratches. The shutter operates correctly at all speeds, and the aperture actuates exactly as it should. The focus action works correctly. 

The viewfinder is clean and clear, with only minor dust commensurate with age. The film compartment is similarly clean and free of damage and debris. 

The Fujica Compact 35 is a compact camera that shoots 35mm film. 

The camera will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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