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Contax T2 35mm Point and Shoot Film Camera


Here we have a beautiful Contax T2 point and shoot film camera. It is fully functional and ready to produce another lifetime of great photographs.

A full review of this camera and sample shots taken by this very example can be seen on our site here -

Mechanically this particular camera is perfect. Everything functions exactly as it should. Build is tight and refined, without wear or mechanical damage. All levers, dials, switches, and knobs actuate exactly as they should. Cosmetically it is in great condition with a few dings and dents and chips here and there. Take a look at the images for details. It is being sold at a "user condition" price.

The viewfinder is clean and clear. The film compartment and battery compartment are clean and free of dirt, damage and corrosion. The lens is perfect, with no marring, balsam separation, fungus, haze, or cleaning marks. The aperture mechanisms are perfect, blades are dry, and free of damage. The focus actuation is smooth and precise.

Shutter speeds are accurate and correct, and the light meter and exposure system work exactly as they should.

Made of titanium and aluminum, this camera is a luxurious and entirely capable machine perfect for street photography and travel. It offers a very small 35mm package, while containing one of the best lenses in a camera of this type.

The Carl Zeiss Sonnar 38mm is very sharp, with gorgeous color rendition and exceptional contrast. The quick aperture makes it possible to shoot in any lighting conditions, and the famous T* multicasting technology effectively eliminates all unwanted optical aberrations.

Auto-focus, a full Program mode plus available aperture-priority auto-exposure make it one of the easiest and quickest cameras around, and the manual focusing method (which can be used instead of the autofocus when desired) makes it one of the fastest shooter's cameras ever made.

For many sample photos, see our review linked earlier in this description.

The camera will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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