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Chinon Multifocus Auto 3001 35mm Point and Shoot Film Camera with Strap


Here we have an excellent condition Chinon MultiFocus Auto 3001 point and shoot 35mm film camera with a strap.

This camera is in excellent condition, is fully functional, and is ready to produce another lifetime of fantastic photos. 

A full review of this camera can be seen at my website, here.

The Chinon Multifocus Auto 3001 is an exceptional point and shoot camera with an outstanding lens and an immensely capable autofocus system. This high quality point and shoot is often overlooked in favor of other contemporary cameras, but it is a superb machine that outperforms more popular cameras in all respects. 

The 35mm F/2.8 lens is fast enough for low light shooting. The exceptional autofocus system uses three infrared beams to focus on subjects even when not centered in the frame. The metering system is perfect and results in excellent exposures, every time. The automated flash is an advanced unit capable of user-selectable shooting modes, including Fill-flash and Flash cancel modes. A spot meter button, self timer, and backlight feature round out the spec sheet. 

This is just a gem of a point and shoot camera and one of the best values for someone looking to have fun, shoot without worrying about manual settings or focusing, and still make exceptional images. 

It will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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