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Agfa Isolette III Medium Format 120 Film Camera with Case - Fully Functional


Here we have a beautiful Agfa Isolette III medium format 120 film camera with case. This camera is fully functional and ready to shoot another lifetime of fantastic photos. 

This camera is cosmetically very nice and mechanically perfect. All functions operate as they should, including the rangefinder focusing mechanism, the manual focus ring, the aperture and shutter controls, the retractable lens mechanism, and all other functions. 

The lens is the Agfa Apotar 85mm f/4.5 matched to a Prontor SVS shutter. The aperture blades are free of damage and the leaf shutter blades are snappy and free of oil. Shutter speeds are accurate. 

The film compartment is clean and free of damage and debris, and the film door opens and closes nicely. The bellows are pliable and in perfect condition with no light leaks, and the viewfinder is clean and clear. The rangefinder patch is bright and contrasty.  

The Isolette III (1951-60) is the highest-grade Agfa Isolette camera, aside from the Super Isolette model that featured a coupled rangefinder. The rangefinder on the Isolette III is operated with a small knurled thumb-wheel on the right hand of the raised part of the top housing, and the distance is read off and transferred to the lens. 

This incredible camera will work with any modern medium format 120 film, including the popular Kodak Portra and Ilford's lovely black and white films. If you're unsure of which film to buy, ask me and I'll be happy to help. 

The camera will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.  

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