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Minolta MC/MD Mount Vivitar Auto Tele Converter 2X, with Case


Here we have a Vivitar Auto Tele Converter 2X for Minolta SR mount SLR cameras.

It is in excellent condition and includes its case.

This tele converter will effectively multiply the focal length of any Minolta SR lens by 2 (any lens marked MC/MD/Rokkor, etc, made by Minolta, or any 3rd party lens made for Minolta SLR cameras). For example, a 50mm lens will act as a 100mm lens, and a 35mm lens will act as a 70mm lens. This is an economical way to increase your camera kit's versatility without spending a lot of money.

The teleconverter will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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vivitar teleconverter - 1.jpg
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