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T Mount Adapted to Minolta SR Mount Super-Lentar 28mm F/3 Wide Angle Prime Lens for Minolta MC/MD Cameras


Here we have an excellent condition Super-Lentar 28mm F/3 auto/manual wide angle prime lens. This T Mount lens comes with an adapter for mounting it to Minolta SR (MC/MD) mount cameras.

The lens is being sold at discount due to denting on the filter threading. This does not impede performance, but will not allow the user to attach a UV filter. Aside from this, the lens is in excellent condition and is ready to produce another lifetime of fantastic photos.

The aperture blades are dry and free of oil or damage. The glass elements are clean and free of haze, scratches, fungus, and balsam separation. The aperture ring clicks into its detents with mechanical precision and the focus ring spins with a perfectly weighted fluidity. The mount threading is unmarred and perfect.

This lens' wide angle field of view provided by its 28mm focal length makes it ideal for many types of photography from landscapes to snapshots, street photography to architectural shooting. It is a terrific value lens, providing very nice images with very little cost.

This lens will mate to any camera that uses the Minolta SR mount, or the T mount screw mount. It can also be mounted to today's mirrorless cameras (such as the Sony a7 or Fujifilm X-series) by way of inexpensive adapters. If you're unsure of whether this lens will mount to your camera or if you need help finding an adapter, just ask.

The lens will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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