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Petri Auxiliary Wide Angle and Telephoto Lens Set with Viewfinder for Petri 7s Rangefinder - with Case


Here we have a set of Petri Auxiliary Lenses for the Petri 7s rangefinder camera. They are in excellent condition and come with external viewfinder, carrying case, and lens caps.

All components of this auxiliary lens set are in pristine condition. The lenses and viewfinder suffer no blemishes, markings, or damage, and the case and lens caps are similarly excellent.

These lens adapters fit onto the front of the lens of the Petri 7s, giving the shooter wide and telephoto shooting options. Simple and effective, they're a good way to increase the versatility of your 7s.

The viewfinder attachment fits to the camera's accessory shoe and provides framelines for composition using each of the two lenses.

The lenses will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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