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Nikon F Mount Vivitar 28-90mm F/2.8-3.5 Macro Focusing Zoom Lens for Nikon F Mount Cameras


Here we have an excellent value lens for Nikon F mount cameras - a Vivitar 28-90mm F/2.8-3.5 macro focusing zoom lens with front and rear caps and a UV filter. This lens is compatible with all Nikon F mount cameras as it has AI cutouts as well as rabbit ears for early metering systems.

This lens is in excellent condition and is mechanically perfect. The glass elements are clean and free of fungus, haze, scratches, and balsam separation. The aperture ring clicks into its detents with precision and the blades are oil-free and snappy. The focus mechanism works perfectly in both manual and auto-focus modes, and the zoom mechanism works as it should.

Cosmetically very nice, there are no dents, scratches, or paint-wear to the body. The rubber grips of the focus and zoom rings are well-preserved. The filter threads are unmarred and the metal lens mount is in excellent condition.

This lens is an excellent value for Nikon shooters, combining quality optics and mechanical capability with a low price. It will allow for many types of shooting due to its versatile zoom range of 28mm to 90mm. Useful in street shooting, landscapes, snapshots, sports, wildlife, nature, portrait shooting, and many other types of photography, it can effectively isolate subjects when shot wide open, and sharpens up beautifully when stopped down.

It will natively mount to any Nikon F mount camera, including older manual-focus and auto-focus film SLRs and even to many of today's DSLRs. It can also be adapted to the most modern digital mirror-less cameras by way of an adapter. If you're unsure if this lens will mount to your camera, simply ask and I'll happily provide the answer!

The lens will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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