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Nikon Nikkor-S 35mm F/2.8 Pre-AI Wide Angle Lens with Rear Cap for Nikon 35mm Film SLRs and DSLRs / Mirrorless with Adapter


Here we have a nice condition Nikon Nikkor-S 35mm F/2.8 in Pre-AI Nikon F mount prime wide standard lens with rear cap.

This lens is cosmetically in great condition and mechanically excellent. The glass elements are free of fungus, separation, and haze. There are no dust particles in the lens. The aperture blades are oil free and actuate beautifully. The focus ring spins freely, and the aperture ring clicks with precision. The filter threads and lens mount are in unmarked condition.

This wide angle lens is of a fantastic optical design from one of the foremost makers of camera lenses. The wide focal length of 35mm makes it a perfect lens for snapshots, architectural shooting, street photography, landscapes, and more. The lens is capable of making extremely sharp images, and when stopped down it is one of the sharpest legacy lenses around.

The lens uses Nikon's ubiquitous F mount which means this lens can be fitted to an astounding number of Nikon 35mm film SLR cameras as well as certain modern Nikon DSLRs. The lens can also be easily mounted to today's modern mirrorless cameras, such as the Sony A series and Fuji's X series. If you're unsure if this lens will fit your camera, send us a message and we'll be happy to help.

It will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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