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Minolta Maxxum 50mm F/1.7 AF Fast Prime Lens for Autofocus Minolta and Sony A (Alpha) Cameras with Caps


Here we have a fantastic Minolta Maxxum AF 50mm F/1.7 fast prime lens, with front and rear lens caps. It is in excellent condition and fully functional.

The lens shows no damage cosmetically or mechanically, and everything functions as it should. Glass elements are free of fungus, balsam separation, scratches, and cleaning marks. The optical coatings are perfect. The aperture blades are free of oil and actuate as they should.

The mount and filter threads are in excellent condition, and the autofocus mechanism works as it should. The focus ring for manual focus spins fluidly, and the retractable lens hood operates correctly.

This fast prime lens will naturally fit on any Minolta or Sony A-mount camera. These include Minolta's popular Maxxum/Dynax/alpha line, and Sony's more modern alpha cameras that feature the A-mount. Using this lens on a modern Sony DSLR is simple, and extremely rewarding due to the low cost and high quality of this legacy lens.

It can also be easily adapted to many other modern digital cameras, such as the mirror-less offerings from Sony and Fujifilm. If you're unsure of which adapter you will need for your camera, contact me and I will help.

Shot wide open it produces exceptionally smooth bokeh, while retaining extreme sharpness in the center of the frame. Stopped down the lens makes images that are incredibly sharp.

It's a small, light, compact lens with exceedingly high build quality.

It will be packaged securely and shipped immediately.

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