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Minolta M Rokkor 40mm F/2 Lens with Minolta Lens Hood, and Minolta Front and Rear Caps - Pristine and Fully Functional M Mount


Here we have a fantastic lens, Minolta's M Rokkor 40mm F/2 M mount rangefinder lens, with from and rear Minolta brand lens caps, and the rather rare collapsible rubber lens hood (in unusually excellent condition).

For a full review of this lens with sample photos, visit our site here.

This lens is perfectly functional and cosmetically excellent, with no wear or damage. The glass elements are in excellent condition, with no fungus, haze, or balsam separation. The aperture ring clicks with precise mechanical action, and the focus ring spins smoothly with excellent weight. The aperture blades are dry and free of oil and grease. The engravings are pristine, as is the paintwork to both the body. The knurling is perfect with no damage. The lens mount is in excellent condition and mounts tightly and the filter threads are unmarred.

The M Rokkor lenses were made for Minolta's M mount masterpiece, the CLE. Consisting of five lenses in three focal lengths, they are among the finest rangefinder lenses ever made for the M mount system.

This 40mm lens is a perfect standard focal length lens capable of all types of standard photography. From portraits to snapshots, street photography to landscapes, it's a do-it-all lens. Wide open rendering is gorgeous, and stopped down it is one of the sharpest lenses ever made.

It will naturally mount to any M mount camera, including those by Leica, Zeiss, Rollei, and of course Minolta.

It will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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