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Canon Zoom Lens FD 70-150mm F/3.8 by Soligor with Rear Cap and UV Filter


Here we have a perfect condition Canon FD-mount 70-150mm F/3.8 Macro Focusing zoom lens by Soligor with both lens caps.

This lens will allow the shooter to zoom in from 70mm to 150mm, perfect for nature, wildlife, and portrait shooting. The fixed maximum aperture of F/3.8 is very good for available-light shooting, for producing bokeh, for isolating subjects, and for creating thin depth of field. Stop the aperture down and the lens makes images that are very sharp.

This lens will natively mount to all Canon SLRs featuring the FD mount, such as the illustrious AE-1, A-1, and F-1. This lens can also be easily adapted for use with today's modern mirror-less and DSLR camera with the use of inexpensive adapters. If you need help finding the right adapter for you camera, just ask!

The lens is in fantastic condition. The only blemish is a ding on the retractable lens hood. All glass elements are excellent, clean, free of fungus, free of scratches, and free of balsam separation. The mount and filter threads are in excellent condition, and the aperture blades are oil-free and snappy.

The focus ring spins perfectly with a nice weight, and the aperture ring clicks mechanically into its detents. The engraved numerals throughout are in great condition, with no wear. Essentially, a nearly perfect lens.

It will be carefully packaged and shipped immediately.

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